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Children learn through play with hand knitted doilies by volunteer knitters for the charity Cancer Hair Care. These beautiful dollies turn inside out with hair on one side and no hair on the other. Complete with little hats and wigs they help children to understand the hair loss journey. Children can also make and create hats and headwear or let the dolly be bare.

Each dolly is individual. The picture is an indication only of the concept and indication of the skin colour. If you have any preferences for skin colour we have dolls in fair, medium and dark skin colours.

I designed these dolls with Pat, a wonderful volunteer knitter because we knew that children needed a playful way to understand hair loss. Maybe you are a mum, auntie or look after children and are looking for a way to explain why “mummy” is going to lose her hair. Or perhaps you need to explain to a young child in your care why they will lose their hair during treatment. Many people have told us that these dolls have really helped children to understand. Offering comfort and support.

Ideal to:

  • Explain why mummy is going to lose her hair
  • To explain to a young child who is themselves going to lose hair
  • For nurses and play therapists working in cancer hospitals
  • For cancer support organisations to display and signpost
  • For schools and play groups to encourage playing with toys that help children manage ‘difference’
  • For alopecia organisations
  • Please do feel free to request a skin colour and let us know of any favourite colours so that we can pick out a lovely dolly for the little person in your life. Each doll is hygiene and health & safety checked.

Thanks to all the lovely volunteer knitters at Cancer Hair Care. 

This product is provided free of charge (one per household) by charity Cancer Hair Care. If you would like to make a donation to Cancer Hair Care we would be most grateful. 

Please note your request and any skin colour/hair type preferences when ordering and choose the correct skin colour doll.

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