Velcro Fringe - Light Pale Blonde



This Light Pale Blonde natural-look, Velcro fringe is an ideal accessory that easily attaches and detaches to scarves and headwear.

A small fringe that makes a big difference. This really is the one item that everyone says “I wish I had known about that!”, and now you do!

The quick and easy sticky Velcro strip ensures your fringe is securely fixed. You can style the fringe into shorter or longer looks. 

Features & benefits

Each Velcro Fringe Kit contains: Beautiful Organza bag, 1 x Fringe, 1 x Pack of 4 Sticky Velcro Strips, 1 x Sew on Strip, Instruction & care sheet

  • Easy & secure - attaches/detaches to headwear 
  • 11 inspiring shades
  • Ideal for hot weather, hot flushes, hot hospitals! (when it’s too hot to wear a wig)
  • Style longer or shorter (simply pop fringe further back into headwear)
  • Easy stick Velcro strips included
  • Sew in strip also included
  • Instructions included
  • Easy to wash & quick to dry 
  • Looks just like real hair - made from synthetic hair 
  • Ideal for adults and children 
  • Use multiple fringes to create different looks (e.g put at back of headwear for bob look)
  • Wear your fringe long - Covers over any loss of eyebrows 

Charity: 1 x Purchase = 1 x Donation 

Your purchase is supporting charity. Thanks so much for buying this product from my caring shop. For every purchase made we at Chemo Hair Loss Coach donate to the charity Cancer Hair Care to help those in need of their services. 

More helpful product information: How to & Ingredients & Safety 

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How to

Your Velcro Fringe Kit contains everything you need to wear and care for your fringe. 

How to attach fringe to headwear:

  1. Stick velcro strip onto fringe 
  2. Peel off back of velcro strip
  3. Attach to the inde of your scarf/headwear
  4. To remove: Gently peel the fringe out

A sew on strip is also provided. If you wish to sew the strip into an item of headwear. The fringe simply attaches and detaches as you wish. 

How to wash your fringe:

It’s quick and easy to wash a synthetic fringe.

1) Fill a basin or wash bowl with cold or lukewarm (but not hot) water and add a few drops of your shampoo for synthetic hair (or a fabric wash) then mix into the water

2) Swish your fringe gently into the water – DO NOT RUB 

3) While holding your fringe out of the way empty the wash water and fill the bowl with clean water

4) Once again swish your fringe through the water to rinse off any shampoo (holding under a very gentle running tap is fine)

5) Now, with a fresh bowl of water add your synthetic hair conditioner and mix – now swish your fringe through a few times and gently use your fingertips to glide the conditioner through – do not comb, tug, squeeze or brush

6) You don't need to rinse the conditioner out as you have diluted it within the water - a bit like a fabric softener. However if the fringe feels too full of conditioner then rinse off gently.

7) Gently wrap and pat and blot your fringe in a towel to remove excess water - do not rub or roll up/squeeze. Leave to dry naturally or using a cool setting only with a hairdryer.

Wearing and styling tips

  • Style longer or shorter  - simply pop fringe further back into headwear
  • Cover brow area - if you have lost your brows the fringe can cover over this area
  • Flicked look -  allow the fringe to flick out over your headwear
  • Create a hair do - use multiple fringes pieces to create feathered, bob or short styles by attaching at sides and back of headwear 
Ingredients & Safety

Vecro fringe

Your Velcro fringe is made from synthetic hair attached to a fabric base. The sticky velcro strips are used to attach and detach from headwear. 

Cancer treatment, products & your wellbeing

At Chemo Hair Loss Coach we understand that you want to be reassured that the products we recommend are safe to use during and post cancer treatments. Here are some of the measures we have put in place to help you feel safe and informed when choosing to use products we recommend. 

Cancer & product confidence 

  • At the time of editing we will list any product precautions we are aware of. We will publish the date we last updated this information
  • We use a number of reliable sources to check suitability and cautions

Every day precautions for product usage 

  • Snagging - please be aware that sticky velcro has a strong grip. Therefore be cautious before attaching to fragile fabrics to avoid snagging the fabric 
  • Do not use any heated appliance e.g curling tong/ hairdryer/straightening irons or you will melt the fringe! 
  • You should always be cautious near naked flames as synthetic hair is more flammable than human hair
  • Hand wash only - follow washing instructions


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